Saturday, July 2, 2011

Swim Team

Although the temperatures are slowly climbing to an unpleasant status, we are loving summer. The girls have truly enjoyed swim team and are already looking forward to more swimming in the future. They are serious little fish. Our life has become busier than normal with weekday practices and Saturday meets, but it is so worth it. We have all made some great friends and simply enjoy the atmosphere.

One of the dads on the team is an amazing photographer. He seems to capture great pictures of all the kids. Here are some of our favorites from the season so far...

Danyka on the starting block

Whitney, Danyka and Avery cheering for their friend Bella

Our social butterfly chatting it up in the pool.

Once again socializing (this time on the ready bench)

Avery and Danyka picking out their Piranha beads for beating their best times.

Whit diving in her 100 yd. free relay

The actual Piranha beads...these things are seriously coveted.

Sweet Girl Danyka

I love this picture of Whit racing backstroke.

We only have one swim meet left before finals. I figured I'd be so sick of swim by now, but I will actually miss our Saturday meets. GO PIRANHAS!

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Karin said...

I am so sad it's almost over! We are going to miss seeing the four of you everyday. These pictures are amazing. I love the two at the end.