Monday, July 28, 2008

Chores Chores Chores!

This weekend we spent quite a bit of time cleaning and organizing. Once I start I always seem to find another task that "should" be done. Scott and I both went through all of our clothes and some of the kids toys. On Sunday he took four garbage bags to Goodwill. Of course the house cleaning is never done, but it felt great to get so much accomplished.

Fortunately the entire weekend wasn't devoted to cleaning. We also spent a bit of time playing. The girls entertained us by dancing and playing dress-up. Scott even played a game of Pretty Pretty Princess with them. It was adorable to watch.


Late Sunday afternoon Scott's parents came to hang out and see the girls. Uncle Kevin joined us for swimming and a BBQ. The evening was fun and relaxing. We even convinced Rod to play the Wii with us after the girls went to bed. He is a natural bowler. =)

This morning Rod and Ginny took the girls to the park while I ran a quick errand. After lunch they headed back home and the girls took their naps. I worked on my newest craft, which is making ruffled ribbon socks. I definitely have a thing for ribbon. Now my girls can having matching hair bows and socks. I'm so excited.


Although our cleaning left us somewhat tired, our weekend was very nice. On the downside, Whitney got a cold. We're hoping it will be short lived and that the rest of us can avoid it. Happy Monday. Let's rejoice in the Lord for He is good!

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DeAnna said...

The girls look cute in the dress up! Thanks for the adorable socks you made for our girls! I am excited to see whatelse you come up with to do with your fun ribbon