Saturday, August 2, 2008

Room Renovation

After spending lots of time thinking, analyzing, praying and researching, we decided to put Whitney back in her crib. The girls are still sharing a room but we took out the twin sized mattress that Whit was sleeping on. We turned the bottom part of Danyka's loft bed into a dolly play area.

Both Scott and I were a little nervous that Whitney would be upset about not sleeping in a big girl bed, but to our surprise she almost seemed relieved. We haven't had any problems except a few that we were already dealing with. It is still a mystery to us how many days our kids need to nap and what their consistent bed time should be. With a nap the girls will not fall asleep until after 10, but at least they stay in their beds and just play.

So far our weekend has been relaxing. Scott took the girls to Home Depot to do a project this morning and they had a ball. Tomorrow we will spend the afternoon at a BBQ/swim party with some friends from church. Who knows what else we will come up with.


Michelle said...

The room looks cute! It's sweet that your girls are buddies. I'll pray that bedtime issues will go away...whatever they are! Love you, Michelle

DeAnna said...

The room looks so cute! Love the tent. The new background on your page is cute too!

Rebecca said...

Hey, how are you??? I was thinking about you the other day. I don't know the rest of the story about Whitney but I seriously thought about putting Ashlyn back in her crib at one point. If I hadn't been too pregnant to pull it out of the garage, I would have! I'd love to commiserate about sleep issues... email me when you have a chance. I want to hear about what been going on with you guys!