Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Best Friends Forever

I think every parent hopes their children will be close. Scott and I have been truly blessed to have two little girls that call each other "Best Friend". Like all siblings, they have their moments, but most of the time they are inseperable.

(Proud to wear their baby rings)

Beyond the enjoyment of playing together, you can tell that they have a deep concern for the needs of the other. If one of them is hurt, the other will try to comfort them and make sure an adult is present. If Scott and I don't hear a comment, it will be repeated by sister until it has surely been made known.

Recently they have been so sweet about sharing their food. Whitney often shares her potty rewards (two candy corns) with Danyka and Danyka usually saves something from her school lunch for Whit. The best part is that these actions are not prompted by anyone.

Our hope is that they will stay Best Friends Forever. Scott and I are so proud of them and anxious to see what God has for them in the future.


Wisners said...

So cute! Love the pics of the girls.

DeAnna said...

THat is the sweetest post!