Sunday, October 19, 2008

Biker Babes

Over the weekend Scott and I purchased bicycles for the girls. We had thought about getting them for Christmas, but we decided it would be more fun to get them now while they could enjoy riding in the nice fall weather rather than rain.

Today was a perfect day to play outside. We promised the girls they could ride their bikes after lunch and then again after dinner. The first time we walked (ran) around our court with them while they rode. Whitney was a speed demon; Danyka was slow and cautious. Both of them were frequently reminded to pay attention to where they were going. We ran over a few of our neighbors' lawns and even fell on at least two of them. Hopefully they won't mind. The girls had a blast and Scott and I were all smiles. We are loving this stage of life.

After dinner we traveled to a local elementary school where the girls enjoyed free reign of an entire parking lot. Danyka's confidence began building and she pedaled herself all over the place. Whitney seemed a little tired. She often demanded help starting her bike. Fortunately, even after she took a spill to the asphalt, she still wanted to ride. We're wondering how sore their little legs will be tomorrow.

After our lessons today, I informed Scott that he will be teaching them to drive. Bike riding makes me anxious enough.

We had a fabulous weekend and according to the forecast, we should have great weather this week. If you are trying to find us, just search the great outdoors. We will be busy practicing.

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Ryan said...

Good call on beating the rain. It's been a decade since I lived in Sacramento ... do the streets still flood to the point at which kayakers can paddle down them in the winter?