Friday, February 20, 2009

Where has the time gone?

I can't believe it's already the middle of February. I remember telling people in December that we should try to get together in January when things slowed down. Hmmm....that hasn't happened yet. Fortunately I think we've all enjoyed being busy. Every now and then we need a break, but overall life has been really good.

The girls are doing great and continue to enjoy spending most of their time together. Danyka is now enrolled for Kindergarten at the public school down the street. What a crazy thought! We won't find out what track she will be on until the end of May or early June. We also signed Whitney up for Preschool next year. Both Danyka and Whitney are still enjoying their dance classes. They will participate in their first recital in July. We're looking forward to it.

Scott and I have been keeping busy with lots of extracurricular activities. We still attend a couples Bible study on Tuesday nights and have been blessed with great friendships and fellowship. Just over a month ago, we committed to helping out with the college group. It is a great group of students. We meet on Thursday nights and often find ourselves spontaneously getting together with students at other times during the week.

I am also kept busy with my Heart 2 Heart commitments and my gym membership. My favorite class at the gym is Zumba. It's especially fun when friends are there to laugh with.

Unfortunately I haven't been great about getting the camera out lately. I have snapped a few random shots and then I took quite a few pictures on Valentine's Day. Scott and I had a blast taking the girls to see High School Musical on Ice. The best part was the girls' reactions. "Wow!" "Awesome!"

January and February have been fun and busy. No longer will I tell people, "Let's get together next month when things slow down." I don't see things slowing down for a while. Now when we want to hang out, we just have to find a date and mark it on the calendar.

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Ryan said...

Kindergarten? Good gracious...
So, I'm going to need to ask Scott for some advice on how to be a dad of two daughters. He seems to do it so well.