Monday, May 4, 2009

Little Girls...

This afternoon Isabelle and Calista came over for a quick visit. It was fun having a house full of four little girls. You could just feel the "pinkness" of the moment. They had a fabulous time playing. I simply sat, obsersed and folded laundry. Truly it was entertaining. Isabelle was busy cooking for us and made it perfectly clear that everything she did was pretend. My favorite was, "I am pretend cooking, so don't touch the pretend stove because it is pretend hot." Only out of the mouths of babes, right? Too cute.

Danyka was very busy trying to mother Calista. I'll admit that was the most exhausting part. I had to remind her over and over and over....did I say over and give Calista some space and that she was happy with the toys she already had. It really was sweet and I know she was trying to be helpful. Danyka and Whitney could barely hold their excitement today when I told them that we were going to watch Calista this afternoon. They had both forewarned me that they would be big helpers. Whitney particularly enjoyed making the June doll dance for Calista. Fortunately that was a big hit.

Life is definitely easier now with a 3 year old and almost 5 year old. It's amazing to watch them interact with other children and usually it's enjoyable for them and me. Today was one of those days. Girls are so much fun!


Tracy said...

SO cute!

DeAnna said...

Thanks so much for watching our girls! Isabelle had a great time, I am sure Calista did too! Isabelle is funny with her pretend play, she always cracks me up. It was also cute to see Danyka and Whitney so excited to see Calista.