Friday, July 10, 2009

Summer Fun

Summer time is always fun. Our family has been busy with plenty of fun events. The girls are both having a great time at FBC's preschool summer camp. They are getting so big.

Since I haven't posted a blog in quite some time, I figured I would post some recent pictures.

Our first summer event was visiting my parents in Colorado. We were there from June 9th through the 16th. The weather was interesting because we had tornado warnings most days. Fortunately we were still able to get out and play. The best trips were to Water World and the Butterfly Pavillion. Traveling is getting much easier now that the girls are getting older.

On June 27th we celebrated Danyka's 5th birthday with a small swim party. The theme was butterflies. There were butterfly decorations, cupcakes and hairbows for favors. Danyka was definitely spoiled. This seemed to be the year of the Barbie. She even received some fun accessories, including a toilet. You'd be surprised how frequently Barbie's need to go potty.

July 3rd was spent hanging out with the Burrill side of the family. It was a wonderful day to swim. We ate yummy food and enjoyed good company. The adults even played a few games of PIG in the pool.

The 4th of July was a spectacular day as well. Mid afternoon we joined our friends, the Albrights, along with some of their neighbors and families for a celebration. We ate hamburgers and hot dogs, swam and watched fireworks. This was the first year the girls have seen fireworks. They loved them and especially enjoyed playing with the sparklers.

Scott and I are still actively involved with the college group at FBC. The students are wondeful and we feel blessed to be a part of their lives. This summer we have been leading a Monday night Bible Study at our house. There are generally around 2o students that attend. Bringing with us an intervarsity background, we try to engage the kids in a community activity each week. This past week we played "the bubble gum game". It was very least for Scott and me.

Yesterday the girls finished 2 weeks of swim lessons. We are amazed at what they were able to accomplish in 8 days and we LOVE their swim teacher. In fact, we signed the girls up for a semi-private session at the beginning of August. Prior to swim lessons, neither one of the girls would put their faces in the water. Now they are swimming, jumping off the diving board, floating and diving for toys. Of course none of these skills are perfected but they are doing awesome.

So that's our summer in a nutshell. Leave it to me to have a mega blog post. It's hard to find the time to post anything so I figured I'd just go for it this morning. Life is good and we are incredibly blessed.


Tracy said...

That is awesome! Good to catch up on the Burrill happenings! Love all the pictures. Glad to hear your summer has been so much fun. We have had a good one as well. We are also a couple blogs behind... should get on that i suppose. :) We are all great. Paige is growing up SO fast. Take care! Miss you guys.

Ryan said...

I miss college-type games with the Burrills. Oh, the memories...