Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Bliss

Last night we attended one of the seven Easter services at our church. It felt a little odd going to church on Saturday night, but it was wonderful. The girls played and watched the Veggie Tales Easter movie in their class while Scott and I enjoyed festive worship and a message about Heaven. The sermon was great and the best part was watching people from the congregation make a life decision to follow Jesus. If you died today, are you confident you would go to heaven?

We had a simple and relaxing morning around here. Daddy and the girls let me sleep in while they had breakfast together and built a blanket tent. After I awoke, our first family activity was retelling the Easter story with the Resurrection Eggs. The girls did a great job helping and impressed both Scott and me with how much they knew.

The rest of our morning was spent in a sugar high state of existence. After we all got dressed, we gave the girls their Easter baskets and then had an indoor egg hunt. The weather didn't permit an outdoor hunt. The girls' baskets were filled with candy and other fun toys. Some of the eggs were filled with candy and others had money in them. I can only imagine what God feels like when he sees his children excited because watching our children filled with joy was one of the morning's greatest treasures. I loved hearing them say "thank you" each time they opened one of their eggs.

Jesus gave us the best gift of all by dying on the cross for us and giving us eternal life. I am blessed to know that both of my children have a relationship with him and want to follow him. As a mom, I couldn't ask for any better earthly gift. Happy Easter! I hope your celebration has been special as well.

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Kim and Jim said...

The girls look so cute! I totally need to get some of your awesome hair bows for Evie! We need to see you guys sometime in the near future. It has been way too long. Love ya!