Tuesday, June 22, 2010


The girls and I love popcorn. It's a delicious treat that we particularly enjoy while snuggled up watching a movie. Although Daddy isn't a fan of the air-filled, buttery goodness, he enjoys seeing his girls happy.

Maybe I'm just hungry as I'm writing this blog, but the analogy seemed to fit. June has struck our home like a bag of popcorn. The days started out fairly slowly but as of recent they have been picking up their pace rather quickly. Besides the frequency of events, our days have been filled with ups and downs, both mouth watering kernels and the unedible.

Even though we come to expect burnt or unpopped kernels, they are still a disappointment. Sadly, Scott and I both faced disappointments in our families this month. Scott's 94 year old Grandma who has been battling cancer for quite sometime, passed away. She was an amazing woman. Scott has always had a deep respect and appreciation for both of his grandparents. Ever since Scott attended his Grandpa's funeral last year, he has enjoyed reflecting on the memories he built with his grandparents. They will be missed.

Ironically, the same night Scott's grandma passed away, my dad's brother also passed. His diabetes had previously caused him to lose a foot and his conditions were only getting worse. I always enjoyed spending time with my Uncle Blair. The last time I saw him, he visited Scott and me in college with my parents. We had a great time together. He was so easy going and fun to be around. Out of the 5 kids in my dad's family, only 2 remain.

The best part about a bag of popcorn is that most of the kernels turn out great. This month truly has been filled with an abundance of joyful events. For the second year now, the girls fully enjoyed swim lessons with Miss Tamara. Both of them can swim and are quite proud of themselves. I love watching them dive for toys and jump off the side of the pool yelling, "Cannon Ball".

Both girls also participated in the dance recital at their studio. Scott's parents were able to come watch, which obviously made it way more fun. Danyka did a jazz routine to "You Can't Stop the Beat," from Hairspray. Whitney sang and tapped to "A Spoonful of Sugar," from Mary Poppins. The girls had great stage presence and truly seemed to enjoy themselves. Danyka has already asked if she can do it again next year. It's been wonderful watching her come out of her shell. Whitney was the leader of the pack in her group. She sang her heart out and loved being on stage.

Among many other events, Danyka and Whitney both finished their school years out strong. Whitney will continue on to the 4 year olds preschool class next year as a Bear. She is looking forward to reconnecting with some of her friends, especially Michael. Danyka graduated from Kindergarten. CRAZY! She is so excited to be in 1st Grade. We are proud of both girls.

If I spent the time writing about every perfectly popped kernel, this blog would go on for way too long. It's nearing that point anyway. June is not quite over and we are hoping that our bag will continue to fill. This weekend we will be heading to the beach to celebrate Danyka's 6th birthday and to spend some quality family time together. We can't wait. Maybe someday I'll blog pictures from that trip. No guarentees.

July is right around the corner and I'm wondering what will be in store. Summer is here! Hip Hip Hooray!

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