Friday, September 19, 2008


I believe there is an addiction in the Burrill house. Our girls, like many others, are fully enthralled by all things princess. The favorites right now are Princess Anneliese and Princess Erika from Barbie's Princess and the Pauper movie. We own the movie and the soundtrack, which we have all seen and heard countless times. The girls love to role play these characters and we recently bought them the dress-up gowns as a gift. Danyka is ALWAYS Anneliese and Whitney is not allowed to say any of Anneliese's lines or sing any of her songs. Can you tell who is boss? It's really cute to watch them dance to the music. My mom witnessed one of their most recent performances and was completely amused.

Scott and I are loving this sweet phase and we're pretty sure it's here to stay for a while. Danyka has been eyeing up the newest Barbie movie. The Disney princesses are very popular as well. Cinderella is ranked #1 on Danyka's list and for today Belle is Whitney's favorite. It wouldn't take much guessing to figure out what they want to be for Halloween.

Maybe someday I'll post a video of them reenacting their favorite scenes, but for now I must curtsy and say farewell. Be like a princess and live Happily Ever After.

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Michelle said...

Sweet little princesses! I agree that the Princess and the Pauper has the terrific music with great lyrics. "All my life, I've always wanted to have one day just for me..." and "Noah's ark should have had a cat like you." Among others. And then there is my favorite quote, "WHy don't you play with your books, schoolboy...wouldn't that be fun." (Martin Short, as the villian)