Saturday, September 13, 2008

Binky Boxes

Yesterday we finally faced one of our biggest challenges thus far in child rearing. We said our tragic goodbyes to the girls' dearly loved binkies. It took a lot of creative thought to figure out how we could make the process go smoothly.

My mom came up with the creative idea to have Princess Anneliese, the girl's favorite princess, send a letter with ribbons to attach to the girls' blankets. The girls were ecstatic when they received their letter in the mail and they loved rubbing their ribbons.

We also let the girls pick new jammies to wear and a toy to sleep with. Of course they picked Belle and Cinderella dolls. Are you getting the princess theme in our house?

The last thing we did was pack baby boxes that we will keep and give to our grandchildren someday. Danyka is very sentimental and was excited to pack a box for her "Real" baby. (We haven't discussed the possibility that she might have a boy.) We put some outfits from when the girls were first born into the boxes along with some baby shoes and their binkies. After the boxes were packed we prayed together. It was so sweet.

Whitney cried off and on for an hour during naptime. She continually asked for her binky. Danyka didn't cry but she also didn't sleep. Without sleep, they were pretty crabby for the rest of the day.

Bedtime was better. Neither one of them cried but it took between 1 1/2 and 2 hours for them fo fall asleep. Whitney thought it was joke cracking time. She kept telling Danyka to laugh. Danyka did her best to keep quiet, but it's pretty hard when your little sister keeps saying, "Daddy has a stinky bum bum". I think she's a natural comedian because we have never said that.

Both girls slept through the night, which was a shock and a blessing. Since they both slept so well we decided to meet the Musni's and Uncle Kevin at Apple Hill. We had a fun day.

Pray for us during this transition time. Hopefully tonight will run as smoothly as last night.

**A note from our previous blog... the computer didn't make it and we lost most of our pictures from the summer. It's really sad, but the hard lesson has been learned. We still have a lot of software updating to do on our new computer.


DeAnna said...

I am glad last night they slept!! I will be praying that it continues to go well.

Michelle said...

What a fun pacy passing down ritual! I will pray for the girls to be comforted in whatever way they need without their binky's. And I'm sorry, but I laughed to myself while reading what Whitney said to Danyka. (But I wouldn't be able to laugh if it was my kid!) I'm so sorry that you lost your pictures. :-( Praying for you guys! Hugs!

Vickie Musni said...

We were so glad that it went well enough that you could meet us at Apple Hill. It's always more fun to meet up with some of the rest of the family there! We're looking forward to your visit in a few weeks!