Sunday, September 28, 2008

Getting Ready...

This Friday I will be selling hair bows in my first craft/vendor fair. I am really excited. With my license in hand and lots of inventory, I am hoping for a fun and fruitful evening. The girls have been picking out their favorites. Danyka requested a pink sparkly bow and Whitney asked for a blue one. Of course, their wishes were granted. We are running out of room for bows in this house, but I'm sure we'll scrounge up some space for a few more.

The show on Friday is at an elementary school in Elk Grove. I am also participating in a craft show at the end of the month at the Elks Lodge. I love the holidays. It's fun making festive crafts and seeing all of the creative ideas that other people come up with.

If you are local and interested in checking out one of the shows, let me know.


Michelle said...

Oh wow, that's amazing, I had no idea that you'd made a business out of it! From the looks of it, you have A LOT!!! They are sure to be a hit; they are totally cute! I would ocme, but it's a long drive. Your business name is really cute, too! I'm so proud of you and happy for you!

DeAnna said...

Debbie, everything looks awesome!! You have done a great job at getting everything ready for the fair!! I love the raindeer (sp?)bow so cute!!