Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Goodbye Summer!

Summer is rapidly disappearing. It's still warm but the fall activities are already beginning to fill up our calendar. Where do the days go?

Danyka started her 4 year old Preschool class on Tuesday. She is a frog this year. Even though she was a bit tentative on the first day, my exit was much easier than on the first day last year. She is ecstatic about the computer station in her class and she loves craft time. Several of her friends from last year are in her class again this year. That definitely makes the transition easier.

This past weekend the girls had a wonderful time visiting with extended family. Granddad stayed on Friday and Saturday night. Danyka loved reading "The Boo Boo Book" with him. She is overly obsessed with even the slightest little injuries. This book has already helped her understand more about boo boos and she's been sure to point out casts, bandaids and rashes on just about everyone she sees.

Uncle Dan, Aunt Desi and Jacob also joined us on Saturday. I think the adults had as much fun as the kids did. We spent several hours in the pool playing horse. Poor Granddad had a couple of rough games. As always we had to try to make the most obscure shots. That's what keeps the game entertaining.

We are looking forward to some fun upcoming events. On Saturday we are going to spend some time with college friends and their 9 month old son. We haven't seen them since their son has been born. We are also gearing up for the start of Heart 2 Heart, a Golf trip with Scott's work and a craft show at the end of October. Our lives have become much busier over the past year. I think that's due to the fact that we are able to do more now that our girls are getting a little older. For the most part it's fun being busy but I've got to admit that I love the down time and peace and quiet just as much.


Michelle said...

Cuteness! Love it!

DeAnna said...

LOve the pic of Dany.... that is so funny that she is into boo boo's no wonder she was into my boo boo when I had Calista!! To funny!

MamaD said...

We're famous. We got mentioned in the Burrill Diaries :)

I'm signing Jacob up for a preschool at the church around the corner from us. I'm nervous!!!!