Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Pure Innocence

Last Friday Danyka had her first tap/ballet open house class. It was so precious. She had a hard time adjusting to a new class and new teacher but she loved learning little routines.

Although she was the youngest in her class, I thought she did a great job. It will be fun to watch her improve over the next year. We will start a new session next week that will end in mid-December. I'm still deciding whether I want to put her in the recital or not. December is a really busy month and I'm a little nervous she won't perform. I've got a few weeks before the final decision.

Whitney has her own dance tutor. Danyka comes home and teaches her what she's learned. They are so sweet. Shuffle step. Shuffle step. Plie'. Plie' These are the moments I treasure.


Vickie Musni said...

So precious! I think the second photo is my favorite!

DeAnna said...

What a cutie!!

Michelle said...

Very cute to see your tiny dancer! :-)